"‘Films and Theatre’ is considered to be the most popular entertainment media. India has a 100 year history of films. The first Indian film was released in the year 1913. The year 2013 remains in history as programmes are being organized as a mark of centenary celebrations of Indian cinema. Children have a sound knowledge of films and are ready to discuss something about films. The 100 years of Indian cinema has some outstanding personalities and films of epic stature. The technology of Indian cinema has evolved over the years. The 35mm black and white and colour, cinemascope films,70 mm and 3D films are the milestones of film technology. Dts is a recent advance. The galaxy of directors, producers and actors provide the children with an opportunity to exchange information and opinions. A special effort has been made to  introduce certain interesting technical concepts to the learners."

Part-A: Rendezvous with Ray

‘Rendezvous with Ray’ is a feature article on the world famous film-maker Satyajit Ray. As a feature article it has many niceties to observe. It presents how Fr. Gaston Roberge happened to see the three movies of Apu trilogy;how he was drawn closer to Ray; how he described the physical attributes and intellectual qualities and humaneness of Ray in a complex but clear manner. Each paragraph of this article has clear idea conveyed in a rich range of vocabulary. This article is a typical that should be read by any learner who is a potential reader of feature articles. It is well-known that feature articles provide the reader with good range of vocabulary and organising the events in an interesting manner. This text is a good model for practicing writing feature articles. It is interesting to note that this article has two narrators.

Part-B: Maya Bazaar

This is a review about the near sixty year old Telugu-Tamil classic ‘Maya Bazaar’. The review is written on the occasion of the film’s Golden Jubilee in he year 2007. Usually any review outlines the story and then proceeds to the other aspects. But this review is slightly different. It takes for granted that the story is known to every one. It is special in the sense that it throws light on some interesting facts which are not ordinarily noticed. It is a film about pandavas and Kauravas. We don’t see any one of the pandavas throughout the film. The review analyses how the film became known to every household. Teachers can exploit this text to teach review  writing to children.

Part-C: A Tribute

It is a tribute to the well-known artiste Savitri. This is not a biographical sketch. In a biographical sketch personal details are important. A tribute is slightly different from that. Savitri hails from a village where there is no ambience for potential artiste to develop. She entered the tinsel world and initially was not successful. But within no time she became famous and was admired by all. All these facts are included in the form a tribute. A tribute is not a biographical sketch. But what is it? No prizes for guessing the other important qualities of a tribute.


  • En route (adv) : on the way
  • Stopover (n) : a halt in a long journey
  • Path-breaking (adj) : totally new
  • Portal (n) : an entrance
  • Trilogy (n) : a set of three films with the same artists or characters
  • Haunted (v) : obsessed
  • Accusation (n) : the act of accusing somebody
  • Detractors (n) : people who criticise
  • Arrogance (n) : showing pride muster up
  • Dictum (n) : a statement that is believed to be true and followed
  • Analogy (n) : a feature that is similar
  • Aesthetics (n) : the art of judging beauty
  • Fallout (n) : result
  • Agnostic (n) : a person who does not know whether God exists
  • VFX : Visual Effects shortened to Visual FX and then to VFX
  • The vicinity (n) : the area around a particular place
  • Reverberates (v) : repeats
  • Repertoire (n) : all that a performer can do
  • Advent (n) : arrival
  • Array (n) : an impressive collection of things
  • Indignation (n) : a feeling of anger
  • Sarcasm (n) : a way of using words to make fun
  • Magnum opus (n) : the greatest work
  • Lion’s share (idm) : major portion / part
  • Zenith (n) : peak

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

  • Muster up confidence (idiom): gather or gain confidence
  • Right away (idiom) : immediately
  • Come across (phr. v) : meet by chance
  • On the dot (idiom) : exactly on time
  • In the twinkling of an eye (idiom): very quickly
  • Needless to say (phrase) : no need to mention specially
  • Lion’s share (idiom) : major portion


  • Haunt : hover, inhabit, follow and importune
  • Confidence : belief, certitude, dependence, faith
  • Unique : exceptional, matchless, only, rare, single, sole
  • Acquaint : familiarize, disclose, inform, make aware
  • Compliment : commend, congratulate, eulogize, extol
  • Elegant : polished, refined, graceful
  • Culprit : delinquent, criminal, felon, offender
  • Impulse : inclination, instinct, passion, proclivity
  • Zenith : apex, climax, pinnacle, prime, summit, top
  • Demon : devil, fiend, kelpie, goblin, troll
  • Adore : esteem, honour, revere, worship


  • Arrogant x humble
  • Confidence x distrust, doubt
  • Confident x diffident
  • Massive x light, small
  • Zenith x nadir