A diary is a very important personal document. It helps in keeping the memories and experiences of a person alive. Memories in the mind may disappear but the written words res park them.

In other words, a diary is a permanent personal record that is kept of the events, thoughts and ideas associated with an individual. Keeping a diary is an excellent means of documenting experiences, ideas and feelings that will have meaning in future life or be of importance to the next generations. It is often considered private and confidential.

Most people choose to write in a diary only when something new and exciting happens. It also is a means of allowing pent up emotions to have some type of out let. Writing a diary leads to the ability to put down emotions and thoughts in a written form, in a purely personal way.

Observe the diary entry for its features.
Friday, 1st October, 1942.

Dear Diary,

Today, I am so happy because i have created a new post called Diary Entry which is very important to our Tenth Class Students. This is the model format of writing a diary entry. It requires the Date and Time at the Top Left margin. Then, the Salutation called 'Dear Diary'. The rest part is the body of the Dairy. So...this is the way to write a diary entry. Happy Learning. Do share this page and comment after reading this.


  • The sentences in a diary entry reflect the mood of the writer. The way of expression, the language used is appropriate to the state of mind and expectations of the writer.
  •  Further, writing a diary is a personal activity. Hence, we often find self   criticism, introspection and future plans.
  •  Though there are various ideas and events in a diary entry, these are linked with each other using various linkers as discussed earlier.