• Poster and advertisement are a kind of media useful for giving a piece of information to general public or a specific group of people. The prime feature of these discourses is grabbing the attention of the target group.
  • A picture or a caption which is catchy to the eye makes them attractive. These pictures or captions should also be appropriate to the context of the discourse.
  • Brevity and to the point expressions mark these discourses. Especially in posters and advertisements, the language used should be as brief as possible. If you observe any advertisement, we do not find any lengthy sentences. Only the necessary information is given in the form of catchy phrases and words.
  • A poster or ad has its own format and lay out. Following minimum lay out will make the poster etc., understand in a very short time. But care should be taken to include all the necessary details like purpose or context, venue, date, time, programme details, attractions etc. whichever are applicable.
  • Apart from brevity, these discourses contain persuasive language which attracts the reader. Rhythmic and slogan type of language is seen in posters and ads.
  • Also observe the graphics and pictures used in the above ad and also the other ads around you.